Terms Of Service Disclaimer

Terms of Service (TOS)

  1. Final Sale: All purchases are considered final. Refunds will not be issued after the model link has been provided.
  2. Permissions and Usage: When purchasing models, please note that you are acquiring the model itself only. Additional permissions or rights are not granted.
  3. Ownership and Redistribution: Claiming ownership or redistributing any of my models is strictly prohibited and will result in a ban from the community. Other developers will be informed of this misconduct.
  4. Chargebacks: Attempting a chargeback after purchasing a model will lead to a ban and blacklisting from the community. Other developers will be notified of this misconduct.
  5. Sharing and Distribution: Purchasing a model does not grant you the right to share it with others. Kindly direct them to the Discord channel to make their own purchase.
  6. Locked Models: All models are sold in a locked state. Any attempt to "unlock" these models will result in a permanent ban and blacklisting.
  7. Intended Use: All models are intended for single-player use. Please contact the developer for permission if you wish to use the model within FiveM / Rage.
  8. No Free Models: Requests for complimentary models will not be entertained.
  9. Edits and Alterations: Texture edits are allowed. However, any other form of alteration is not permitted.

Note: All vehicles are Non-els. We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time without prior notice to the user or consumer. Please refer to this document periodically for updates.